Formlabs Launches Formlabs Dental and Form 3B Printer

The Form 3B is able to print using the latest generation of seven dental materials and can create devices for over ten dental applications, including:

  • Crown and bridge models
  • Clear aligner and retainer models
  • Diagnostic models
  • Surgical guides
  • Occlusal splints
  • Patterns for casting and pressing
  • Dentures with 4 base and 6 tooth shades

According to Formlabs CEO and Co-Founder Max Lobovsky, “Our new Form 3B printer is uniquely tailored to seamlessly digitize, streamline and expedite workflow so dentists and technicians can focus on providing patients with the outcomes they expect and deserve.” On the shift towards in-office printing facilitated by Formlabs’ technology, Dr. Jay Burton, Board Certified Orthodontist at SmileMaker Orthodontics, adds, “Since launching the Form 2, 3D printing adoption within the dental industry has increased significantly… Today’s announcement of the Form3B will continue to grow the technology’s adoption and help to provide dental products you’d be proud to deliver.”
On the service side of Formlabs Dental, the business unit will leverage its team of dental professionals to offer a new Formlabs Dental Service Plan. The plan includes personalized in-person and video training, priority multichannel support, and printer hot swapping to ensure continuous production.
As part of the announcement, Formlabs also announced its Formlabs Materials Partner Platform specifically for the Form B. The platform allows third-party manufacturers to bring new materials to market by making them available as part of the Form 3B’s suite of compatible material

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