New Lares Attachments Fit All Electric Motors

February 7, 2018: (Chico, California)— Lares Research has introduced its new ProStyle E Electric Motor Classic Attachments, which are compatible with all leading electric handpiece motor brands and models. Lares electric handpieces and their components are designed to deliver exceptional power, precision, and quality while minimizing hand fatigue.
ProStyle E attachments are precision crafted for smooth, reliable performance. They consist of a 1:5 highspeed fiber-optic contra angle for friction-grip burs, a 1:1 lowspeed fiber optic contra angle for latch type burs, and a straight attachment for 3/32 shank burs. The 1:5 and 1:1 contra angles feature anti-burn ceramic ball interface push buttons and twin-beam solid-rod optics for shadow-free visibility and bright illumination. Both contra angles include tri-port spray capability to ensure unobstructed cooling. 
Affordably priced and covered by a 2-year warranty, ProStyle E contra angles and straight attachments can be ordered from Lares Research factory direct online at:, or by calling toll free: 1-888-333-8440, Ext. 1.
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